U-shaped Surround Design 3D 6 Head Electric Neck Massager

U-shaped Surround Design 3D 6 Head Electric Neck Massager

U-shaped Surround Design 3D 6 Head Electric Neck Massager

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If you often get stiff neck, pressure in the neck and shoulder... or you feel neck pain while working, then you need this U-shaped Surround Design 3D 6 Head Electric Neck Massager.

Just using the U-shaped Surround Design 3D 6 Head Electric Neck Massager for 15 minutes will greatly help you relax and alleviate your neck pain.

Use the U-shaped Surround Design 3D 6 Head Electric Neck Massager at home or even bring it along with you to work. Very suitable for flights and rest times during work. Good for relieving stress, promoting sleep, soothing the nerves around your neck and treating strained necks. Improves blood circulation by giving you a pleasant massage around your neck.

Very comfortable and easy to use. The massage feels so good and there is a nice kneading effect. It’s like having a personal masseuse. If you experience persistent neck pain or are plagued by muscle knots, owning a  U-shaped Surround Design 3D 6 Head Electric Neck Massager will be of great help.


4 Massage Modes: Auto mode, pulse-manipulation, acupressure manipulation, knead manipulation, beating manipulation;15 Gear Intensity-Adjustable: For relaxing neck muscles, relieving pain as well as improving sub-health-status.

360° Floating & U-shaped Surround Design: Adopts automatic floating technology, fit and stimulate your neck curve perfectly, provide a comfortable feeling.

Upgraded Technology: Built-in magnetic stones care for health, TENS-pulse gets deeply into muscle for full massaging. Along with 38-42℃ hot compress function, it ensures deep and comprehensive massage.

6D 6-head Massage: Precisely covering multiple segments of cervical spines.Promotes Blood Circulation: Electric-pulse simulates various massage manipulations of traditional Chinese medicine, promotes local blood circulation and relaxes local muscles.

How to use:

1) Before use, first wet the skin of the cervical spine with a wet towel, and then put the product around the neck, make the electrode close to the skin of the cervical spine, adjust the position of the product, turn on the host and adjust the appropriate massage intensity and mode.

2) Press [ON/OFF] button to enter the default mode, the default gear position(0 gear).

3) Press [M] button to switch mode, 5 modes available.

4) Press [+]/[-] button to adjust intensity.It is 12 gears in total

5) Press the second button for heating up function.

Packing list:

1 * Neck massager
1 * USB charging cable
2 * Gel paste
1 * Connecting wire
1 * English manual

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