5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Music Sleep Headband

5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Music Sleep Headband

5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Music Sleep Headband

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Do not struggle to sleep at night anymore thanks to theĀ 5.0 Wireless Bluetooth Music Sleep Headband. Get the relaxation you need to sleep while listening to that peaceful music.Ā 


Sleeping Headphones: Insomnia will be in your past, as you allow your natural melatonin to flow and drift to sleep.

Blindfolds that mold to the shape of your face allowing you to enjoy total darkness day or night.

Air travel can be a breeze with this luxury relaxing sleep headband allowing you to fall asleep fast, stay asleep and have a sweet dream, total blackout.

Perfect for relaxation, meditation, insomnia.

Thin Speakers and Superior Sound Quality: Thickness is only one-third of the average speaker, which is very comfortable for side sleepers.


Bluetooth protocol: 5.0 Bluetooth

Frequency range: 20HZ-20KHZ

Charging voltage: 3.7V-4.2V

Charging current: 150-200MA

Sensitivity: 88DM

Signal to noise ratio: 90dB

Operating range: 10M

Charging time: 2H

Use time: 10H

Battery flow: 200mA lithium battery

Bluetooth search name: BT-01

Bluetooth support type: HFPV1.5

Material: Polyester + Cotton

Package Content:

1* Bluetooth SleepingĀ Headband

1* Usb Charging Cable

1* Manual


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