Mini Car Air Humidifier Diffuser USB Mist Maker Fogger

Mini Car Air Humidifier Diffuser USB Mist Maker Fogger

Mini Car Air Humidifier Diffuser USB Mist Maker Fogger

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Small and portable, satisfy your humidification enjoyment anytime, anywhere.
The amount of fog is pure and humidified, such as the pure and moisturizing spring in the forest.

Using polymer atomization to allow water molecules to fully diffuse into the air, resulting in water droplets flowing back to wet the desktop.

A good companion in the office, work in a dry air-conditioned room, moisturize and hydrate your skin.

Watch TV on the sofa and turn on the humidifier to relieve dry eyes.

Humidify the bedroom. When it is dry all year round, humidify it before bed. Sleep well.

Car humidification, moisturizing accompanying, small aura, purify the air in the cabin, healthy humidification, bring a beautiful mood.

Colorful atmosphere lights, comfort and tranquility are by your side, providing you with a comfortable tranquility at night, moisturizing and waiting for you.


Power Mode:5V
Rated Power:5W
Product Name:Mini Car Air Humidfier
Bottle Capacity:300 ML
Material: ABS + PP + silicone
Applicable area: <10m2
USB power cord length: 1m / 39.37in
Voltage: DC-5V
Working current: 400MA
Power: 3W
Water bottle capacity: 300ML
Spray volume: 35ML / H
Use time: First gear is about 5 hours, second gear is about 10 hours.
Style: white; blue; pink; royal blue (optional)

Package Content:
1x Humidifier
1x USB power cord
1x Chinese and English Bilingual Manual

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