Universal Long Arm Tablet Phone Stand Holder

Universal Long Arm Tablet Phone Stand Holder

Universal Long Arm Tablet Phone Stand Holder

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This Tablet Phone Stand Holder has adjustable long arm to work on bedside, convenient for tablet and mobile phone; also can adjust up and down as your needs. It is easy to clean and will make a great addition to our daily life; helps us enjoy a greater comfortable life.


Adjustable long arm working on bedside.
Stand Holder Tablet on desk side.
Perfect for: Tablet & Mobile Phone 4.7 to 11 inch.

Usage Tips:

1.When you use it with a big size tablet, please try to loop the gooseneck into a “S” “Z” or circle shape which will provide more stability.

2. Please Bend using two hands and just bend the gooseneck when adjusting the position because it is stiff. Put your iPad into the bracket holder vertically, and switch it to landscape position when viewing.

3.Please don't overtighten the base clamp too much. Please remove the tablet when your are not using it.

4.Recommended not to use with the tablet protection cover, because could affect the pressure of the bracket mount.


Package Content:

1 * Tablet Phone Stand Holder


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