Xiaomi Mijia Magnetic Screw Pad Position Memory Plate

Xiaomi Mijia Magnetic Screw Pad Position Memory Plate

Xiaomi Mijia Magnetic Screw Pad Position Memory Plate

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Do not be confused with the ordinary magnetic rubber mat. This product is a magnetic screw pad, which can accurately remember the location where you installed the screws.

Therefore, if you are assembling or debugging electronic devices, mobile phones, digital cameras, toys, etc., this stick can help you very much.


1. Wowpad Magnetic Screwpad position screw plate Remembrance Mata Precision Tool, to Repair Parts Compatible with Wowstick A1 1F 1FS 1S 1P 1P+ H1 Mijia etc.

2. This is wowstick series of products called screwpad wow, which is a magnetic pad used to insert the screw, comes from electronic products, such as a smartphone, digital camera, RC toys.

3. Clearly-marked grids to enable the user to easily memory position screw bolts installed on the product, the best partner for your wowstick screwdrivers jak A1 1F 1FS 1S 1P 1P+ H1 Mijia, etc.


  • Material:plastic(flexible)
  • Color:black
  • Size: 165 X 65mm/6.5 X 2.56inch(L*W)
  • Net Weight: 62g

Package Content:

1* Wowpad Magnetic Screw Position Memory Plate


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